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  • we'll def get out when I get a hitch on my wifes SUV ...been having to bum tows from people since I sold my truck LOL. Send me your address and i'll send you some money for the jugs, I know there not cheap and I very much appreciate them.
    Hey man, why don't you swing by sometime soon and pick up your jugs. There just sitting on my garage floor not catching fish lol!
    Hey i just move to S.A from N.Y and im looking for good places to fish any one have any suggestions
    If'n it ever gets good, and we have a "group going", we have a 28 ft pontoon also. We call it our "Redneck Yacht". I plan on putting it up on Craigslist soon. Hopefully we can get out in a boat soon.
    I haven't forgotten about going out. The weather, rain, lake up and down, kinda got things on hold. Canyon is about 917 ft and they will be releasing 5000 cfs until it gets down to 911. From 911 to 909 they release around 1100 cfs. So the down stream lakes will be up and down for awhile.
    I just normally lurk. Not much on posting. I was the "guest" talking about Dunlap. Serious about you joining me if'n you want.
    Ever fished Rodriguez park on 90 and 151? It's leon creek runs by Wolff stadium as well. Any bass back there ?
    Hey Tuner .. Im Chris a fellow Satx Fisherman . Just checking out different forums on this SAFF SITE. I'm just a couple weeks into having a profile LOL. :-) I'm hoping that i find some fishing buddies on here if anything atleast some awesome advice. Any who hope to ttys
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