13 Fishing Concept A


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I have seen videos and heard nothing but good reviews about this reel. Damn, I might have to break down and buy this.


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They are awesome.. And I can now say durable... Used it for a year chasing reds and now striper and haven't cleaned it or anything.. I can still spool it with a 1oz spoon if I'm not careful.. It's a sweet reel.. Mine is on a 7' MH Berkley emotion rod. It's carbon fiber and the reel is less than 6oz... It's an all day fishing combo for sure!
Just a word of caution on these reels....
Avoid saltwater because I have seen a few already that have been in saltwater and the paint is bubbling off and corrosion is attacking the frame, just like the quantums.
Once this starts, there isn't anything that can be done. The corrosion just keeps spreading under the paint and causing it to peel and flake off.
Another serious issue is parts....no parts are available for these reels. If something breaks your going to have to send in the whole reel and they will pull the part off another reel. I've had to do this once already...
Shimano does not have these issues. The only shimano's that had corrosion issues were the magnesium higher end reels and even then those were extreme cases of many seasons of doing no maintenance. Salt and magnesium do not play well with each other. In fresh water these reels are great but then again so is a $30 Abu Garcia Black Max/Silver Max.
All I can say without offending anyone is do your homework BEFORE dropping $170 on a reel that will not serve you as the price tag may insinuate.
All I can say without offending anyone is do your homework BEFORE dropping $170 on a reel that will not serve you as the price tag may insinuate.
Completely agree with you on that point. I bought a 100$ quantum accurist and if I did it again I wouldn't pay 10$ for it. No idea about saltwater but I stand by this reel being the best I've ever used in freshwater. In fact I'm probably going to buy another one ;)
The new A3 coming out looks pretty sick with a good heavy drag and increased line capacity over the concept A...
They also have the concept "TX" coming out... wonder how that will hold up to the salt...
They also have the concept "TX" coming out... wonder how that will hold up to the salt...
Yeah I saw that too. Honestly the color of it looks really dumb but I'm sure they have options. And it's specifically designed to fish the Gulf so it should fix most of the problems @Rogue Triton was talking about. And if it doesn't then I don't have a defense for them lol :confused:


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Just landed a 28" red today at Calaveras on mine... Had it over a year and never been cleaned and never been oiled or anything lol.. It has caught tons of fish on 12lb stren mono and I probably won't buy any other bait caster for that kind of money.. I don't fish salt so I don't worry about that at all.. Salt can tear up anything at any given time.. I'm a believer in 13 fishing.. Not to mention the rods are great too.
Thanks Rouge Triton. I do a lot of salt. I stick with abu,shimano and Penn.
Good call...I would stick with Shimano. The new curado 70 is real nice and my personal favorites, the CU200 E7 and the Citica's and the old Curado greenies. After a good super tune....those greenies fly.
The 3rd generation Abu low profile reels are good as well as the Lews. Honestly...the Lews and the Abu's are IDENTICAL on the inside. The Lews are a bit free'er and more comfortable in hand so they would be my second choice then the 3rd gen Abu's
All solid reels, easy to fix, parts readily available and can be hot rodded for better performance.


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I just bought a " Star " brand rod for spinning at Dicks , 9 ft. This is not "All star ". Awesome rod $189.99,light, strong casts a country mile,it wont be my last.
Just a follow up post as to the durability of these reels. As fisherman, we should always be more concerned about durability over looks or social media popularity when it comes to our equipment. Mainly speaking reels, then rods. Any reel whether it's a cheapo or a high end will always feel and fish great right out the box, but put it through its paces over about a years time under many different conditions and you will soon see what holds up and what fails. Unfortunatly these concept 13 reels just have reliability issues over time...about 6 months so far then the issues started poping up.
Paint issues ( peeling and chipping)
Handle paddle issues (corroded bearings and spinning post)
Locked up sideplate and spool bearings
And let's not forget chipped and broken teeth from the main and pinion gear. The main gear is aluminum and the pinion is brass...two incompatible metals when exposed to saltwater will begin to destroy each other.
The one plus is that parts are now somewhat available like the gears and handles but I would stock up on gears because you will be replacing them often. Now I am mainly referring to reels used in saltwater, fresh water only reels seem to hold out a little longer depending on how hard you fish. I'm including some photos of a reel that has been used only 6 months. IMG_0132.JPG IMG_0133.JPG IMG_0135.JPG IMG_0134.JPG IMG_0137.JPG IMG_0139.JPG



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Idk what you did to that one but I've fished my concept A in freshwater only for a year and a half, only cleaned once, and still the smoothest reel on my boat.. It gets used on every trip, and has never failed. I plan on getting another one soon!
If you fish salt. Learn how to take apart and completely clean your baitcasters.

I have a tournament choice inshore and a h2o maniac inshore that I've been abusing with fresh and saltwater use. Been a year and they're still tickin.

No reel is safe from saltwater. No matter how many seals or what metals they use. Saltwater will eventually corrode everything.

IMMEDIATELY after every trip flood that reel with fresh, clean water. Then let it air dry. Take it apart and grease the gears and oil the bearings. If your bearings have removable shields it's evens better cause you can flush the bearings out and make it even faster.

If you do this IMMEDIATELY after every saltwater trip. Or once/twice a year for freshwater fisherman you're $100+ Investment will last you YEARS.

Btw those TC and h2o reels were under $40.
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