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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. Thanks for all of the great tips and great conversation! I'm taking my wife out to one of the Windcrest ponds tomorrow morning (never been before) to fish for some bass. My wife has never been fishing before, so I just want more than anything for her to catch something. Size of the bass doesnt matter at all, just want her to enjoy the thrill of catching a bass! As I have never been before, I was wondering how yall rig up for bass fishing there. Yall using nightcrawlers or plastics? J hooks or jig heads? Spinnerbaits? If jigs or soft plastics, what colors do yo use here? I have heard the pond with the island produces more bass, albeit smaller ones. Is this true? I just want my lady to have a good time. Thanks in advance!
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  2. i was just out there today for a couple of hours brotha. soft plastics were what worked for me today. i can imagine how great the bite is when its cooler outside and early when the fish are feeding. i used a berkly powerbait worm on a shaky head. i also used a flick shake wacky style and produced really well. if you got some crank baits you can throw those as well in the smaller pond(without the island). Just rig up a 3/0 hook with a senko texas rigged and im sure you will catch out there. let us know how many yall catch. good luck and tight lines. if you got any ribbit frogs and you fish it top water let me know if they bite it cause i wanna go out there and do some topwater.
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    Yep.lot of bass in those ponds. Stick with smaller lures/bait and it will ensure a hook on the mouth. A senko is hard to beat wacky or tx. Rig.
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  4. Wacky wacky wacky!!!! Lol good luck buddy
  5. Thanks for all of the great info folks. Much appreciated. Only problem is that I am not sure if I was in the right place! I know there is the bigger pond behind the Whataburger at Walzem and FM 78. I could not, however, find the smaller one. Yall know where that one is? And if so, where is it and where do you park?
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    Taking wife with you i think Converse North is better option as well as live oak city park :) They have bass /catfish /Some nice perch lurking around.
  7. Thank for advice. I think I may give Live Oak a try. Converse has not been kind to me recently, even as I have been taking the yak out there.
  8. Though I heard that Live Oak is almost unfishable (at least around the pier) due to people chuckin in worms all the time. There any guys swimming around that little circular mini pond to the right of the pier? Or is there another good spot on the lake to bank fish?
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    Small pond at live oak has bass. Try the trees behind little pond meets big pond. Also good spots
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  10. You aren't at the windcrest ponds that's twin lakes. Windcrest is actually in a neighborhood. Where you were you need a boat from what I hear. Haven't fished it yet
  11. No kidding, that explains it. Do you have the address for Windcrest ponds?
  12. I had the same problem today and have noticed that the one on 78 behind Whataburger is separate from the twin ponds inside Windcrest neighborhood off Montgomery St.
  13. Got it^ use google earth it will help
  14. Dont take your yak to Live Oak! Me and a buddy made that mistake and had the cops called on us. The cop was cool but he said that someone called us in cause you cant any type of boat there. find the Windcrest ponds thats your best bet for bank fishing.
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  16. Haha, hell of a way to find out!

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