((((((((((BOB HALL PIER - BTB, JULY 14, 2018 SATURDAY))))))))))

I know you guys don't really have a offshore saltwater section in here so I figured I would post up in the Saltwater section of this forum. For the past 4 years (this being my 5th), I have been putting on a FREE offshore outing for new kayakers so that they can learn how to go Beyond The Breakers (BTB) to catch pelagic fish. The trips have been very successful. Every year we get a mix between beginner, intermediate, and advanced kayak fishermen. We pair people up so that it's balanced and that the inexperienced have someone to help them while on the water. The link below gives all the details (you may need to copy/paste the link if it doesn't work when you click on it).


A few years back, I had quite a few new offshore kayak fishermen from San Antonio. I figured I would post up in here in case there are some more that want to get out offshore in a kayak. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post or you can call me. 832-588-7091