Canyon whites and striper


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Cold, cloudy, drizzle, low winds... absolutely perfect day to fish canyon lake. I noticed some top water action as I launched the boat.. when I got too the ripples more and more whites were turning on and feeding. Had a limit of whites by 8:30am. Left them to go find the striper. Made it around cranes mill point and the birds were hitting the water. Made 15 or so casts and had my limit of striper by 9:15.. as the wind picked up, I kept moving from calm water areas too the next and consistently finding fish and catching them. Not sure how many were caught after the limits, but I throw back everything anyway so it was just for fun! Canyon is still fishing good! 3242B64D-8CB7-4DE5-8CED-BFDE281666B6.jpeg


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You know, if you keep this up, the fish are going to put in a request that you be banned from the lake.

Nice report, Bud.