Cibolo Creek Access Points

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Some have been asking about a couple of ways that have been traditionally used to get to certain parts of Cibolo Creek. Here is an update on them.

The route that appears to be a continuation of Kitty Hawk Rd. is gated off and seems to have been so for quite a while.

The little patch of property off Zuehl Rd. that is/was owned by forum member JeffnSA.
zuehl.jpg I believe the no trespassing signs are for the landfill property. There is still a fence where the foot path down to the creek is but it has been cut and rolled back (straight ahead), and again, appears to have been so for some time.
JeffnSA said he was going to be putting the property up for sale but I didn't see any "For Sale" signs so I don't know if he still owns it or if it has been sold off.



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I still own the property and have had to put up signs and cables to keep the homeless away and for the police to come by and check. Ya'll can still fish it just don't tear down the fences and clean up after yourselves. We had to remove a couple of large homeless encampments from the property earlier this year that took a couple days to clean up.
Not exactly sure if this is the right spot or not. This is at the end of Zuehl Road (facing Southwest) - but there’s no gate. This photo shows where I am (I’m the blue dot and just beyond where I am, is the creek.

I see a couple no trespassing signs and a barbed wire fence, but no gate or opening to get through. Is this the correct place? Might need to click the photo for full image, FYI. Second screenshot is from inside my truck facing the barbed wire fence BC510940-6D60-45B5-BAE2-C7DD6C101596.png