gator gar in sa

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  1. does anyone know if there any alligator gar in the san antonio river and if so is there any public access? thanx in advance
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    Not sure about SA River but Calaveras do have some gar around the lake .
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    Here's something from other site :
  4. I would bet any sizeable body off water has gar. Was out on Buchanan a month ago striper fishing and a school of thousands of gars moved in. Cut 6" off my anchor rope and ended up catching one about 5ft. They are some nasty slimy things but man was it fun.
  5. I know on the southside at 5 lions park(pecan valley park) on the riverside of the park not the lake part there are some good size gar you can see from the bank, about 3-7 feet long best guess. The river runs opposite the lake part, so when you go in, you park on right side towards picnic tables, go past them and river is down little way, look for where it bends and that where they are seen most of the time.
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    I saw 2 gar's at Crescent bend nature park 2 days back i was there early in the morning there was clear spot with low water that's where i noticed those gars.
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    Calaveras has some big guns ... saw them jumping them like crazy left and right around the boat . Not sure what was triggering them but they were just showing up everywhere.
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    Medina river has lots of gar
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    So does Cali,braunig , Dunlap .
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    SA River has gar. What I have heard, there is a hot spot for them passing Braunig Lake where SA River goes under 37.
  11. If your willing to take a short drive Choke Canyon is by far the best place for MASSIVE Ali Gar!!! I grew up in Three Rivers and it wasent uncommon to hear of a 12 footer being dragged out. was out there 2 wks ago and saw a few guys Fly Fishing for gar. So if you want a trophy gar hit up choke canyon or any of the rivers surrounding Three Rivers.
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    San Antonio river has them in the deeper spots. I've seen a couple come up for air around the tunnel inlet on josephine st, one was about 2ft long the other almost 3ft and fat. There are a bunch of small ones too under a ft to 1ft 1/2. You can also find them at MLK park in salado creek. My uncle used to say he would go fishing where the medina river meets the san antonio and they were 4-5ft long there, don't know about now.
  13. No alligator gar in sa area there is in the sa river but south closer to coast. Choke is easier access to them I'd imagine. There's spotteg gar and I think long nose far in the sa area basically everywhere braunig has a good amount of spotted
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