Winter Bass Fishing 12/16/2017

Robert Medina

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Had a slow day in the hill country fishing the guad on Saturday. Despite the cold and rainy conditions I managed to put two dinks in the boat. Started throwing the big ole swimbait all morning with little success. Had one bite, but it came off the fall and I tried to set a hook on slack line, and the next thing I knew it was gone. Definitely a learning experience though. Ended up changing my tactics before we left and caught the two dinks. One I didn't measure, and the other came in at 13 in.

**TUNER - I was unable to upload any pics. I kept getting a message saying all my attachments were too large. I know this happened before on the same phone. Guess I still need to figure it out lol.


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I haven't been bass fishing since September. Have a place here in Wyoming that is on state land, but no one knows about it because only a few of us go there and fish. Well kept secret. No BS, every time I throw a topwater lure, I snag a decent size bass. It really gets tiring to tell you the truth. One day I caught 57 bass. Of course, I release them, but still, it is fun, yet can be a pain in the butt!

Hopefully, you get on some bass!!! Good luck.


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Man MJ, you really have it tough.

I haven't been fishing since my son was here visiting back in June. I think my fishing muscles have atrophied.

Would like to get out for some whites either on the Nueces, Choke Canyon, or Canyon lake. Just have to find a spot where my deep V boat is launchable.


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I was up in Rebecca creek this weekend and fishing was slow. 2 dink bass in about 4 1/2 hrs. The low water is hurting the bite up in the creek. I crappie fish in there as well and it has been slow for them as well for me. 2017 was not good as good of a year for fishing for me as was 2016.
Anyone catching anything lately? I threw a few casts last weekend but didn't see any action outside of a large slow moving pleco. I might try to get out again this weekend though...